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Class action complaint filed in response to BJC data breach | Local Business

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ST. LOUIS — A data breach at BJC HealthCare compromised patients’ information and caused them financial and emotional harm, a suit filed this week in St. Louis Circuit Court alleges.

The complaint filed Monday argues that BJC did not make sufficient efforts to protect patients’ data. It seeks to establish a class-action case on behalf of patients whose information may have been accessed.

BJC did not respond to questions Wednesday about the complaint, and referred the Post-Dispatch to a May 5 news release about the event.

The complaint alleges that the breach allowed hackers access to information such as patients’ names, dates of birth and treatment information. It argues that the incident “is taking a significant emotional and physical toll” on those affected.

The complaint says the number of patients whose information was accessed is unknown, but estimated to be more than 287,000 people.

The case claims patients have “incurred significant out-of-pocket costs associated with the prevention, detection, recovery and remediation from identity theft or fraud.”

It characterizes BJC’s approach to maintaining patient privacy as negligent, and seeks damages, including court costs and attorneys’ fees.

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