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Multiple virtual card numbers could be issued to help track fulfillment of a single order shipped to multiple fulfillment partners by e-commerce merchants; as an example, an online seller could create multiple virtual card numbers to fulfill each order that is shipped to different addresses, and if one shipment isn’t fulfilled, a single virtual card number could be refunded or resent without affecting other fulfillments.

Are virtual card numbers secure?

Yes, most virtual card number issuers secure sensitive card data that are encrypted for transmission virtually. Card program administrators and card issuers can activate cards and cardholders can set any PINs (personal identification numbers) that might be required to make purchases. The issuer maintains oversight of encrypted transmission of sensitive card data, including primary account number (PAN), PIN, expiration date, and CVV (card verification value).

Virtual card numbers are compliant with PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standards) which means that transactions can be made with confidence for both the virtual card number owner, the card program manager or card issuer, and the merchant receiving the funds.

Why are virtual card numbers important?

As privacy and security grow more important in society and as business needs become more complex, virtual card numbers present a unique opportunity to minimize fraud while enhancing spending controls and reporting tools. Consumers can minimize the need to make fraud charge claims with their banks and card issuers by using virtual card numbers, while also making it easier for younger family members to transact more securely and privately online and at stores. Businesses can manage cash flow faster and make payments more available with virtual card numbers, reaching employees, business partners and vendors more quickly, compared to physical card products.

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