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Earn 100x Amex Points Per Dollar With LifeLock

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Update: In the time it took me to publish this post, the offer decreased from 100x points to 90x points. For some this will still be well worthwhile, while for others it may not be. The below reflects my experience signing up for 100x points per dollar. I figure this is a deal worth being aware of in general, since we see increased bonuses for LifeLock with some frequency.

I just signed up for LifeLock exclusively for the points. At well under one cent per Amex Membership Rewards point, I simply couldn’t say no…

Amazing Rakuten & LifeLock deal

LifeLock is a US identity theft protection company, and signing up through an online shopping portal can potentially get you a significant return.

At the moment (and I would expect this to be very limited time), Rakuten is offering 100% cash back (or 100x Amex points per dollar spent) on a LifeLock membership. A $296.90 membership is going to earn me 29,690 Amex Membership Rewards points, which I value just over $500 (since I value Amex points at 1.7 cents each).

But it gets even better than that:

Personally I spent a total of $296.90, and for that I’m earning:

  • 29,690 Amex Membership Rewards points
  • $20 cash back through Chase Offers
  • 446 Chase Ultimate Rewards points, since I paid with my Chase Freedom Unlimited®, which earns 1.5x points

That’s $276.90 out of pocket, and I earn over 30,000 transferable points, which is a cost of ~0.9 cents per transferable point.

Step-by-step guide to the Rakuten & LifeLock deal

Want to take advantage of this opportunity? Below I’ll share a guide on how to do so. There are a few things to consider and note upfront:

  • You’ll only receive most of your rewards on February 15, 2021, since Rakuten pays out quarterly
  • You will need to unsubscribe from LifeLock before you’re billed for your second year (and you won’t want to cancel until at least 60 days have passed, or else you could forfeit your rewards)
  • The actual process of signing up is really fast, and took me less than five minutes

Anyway, here’s a step-by-step guide to this, assuming you’re starting from scratch.

Step 1: sign-up for Rakuten

If you’re not yet a Rakuten user, you’re in luck, because right now Rakuten is offering its best-ever bonus for new members. You and the person referring you can each receive $40 after you make your first purchase of at least $40 (and your LifeLock purchase would count towards that).

I’d of course be grateful if you used my Rakuten link, though you are free to use anyone’s link.

Once you’re registered, you can change your reward earning preference to Amex Membership Rewards points, through the “Account Settings” portion of your profile.

With this, you earn one Amex point in lieu of each cent cash back. Personally I value Membership Rewards points at 1.7 cents each. To me that increases the value of the rewards by 70%.

Step 2: decide which credit card you want to use

You can stack the cash back with yet another offer. Chase Offers has a deal for many that offers $20 cash back when you spend $89.99 or more on LifeLock. If you intend to use a Chase card then absolutely register for this.

Personally I added the offer to my Chase Freedom Unlimited® (review), since it offers the best return on everyday spending of any of my Chase cards.

Alternatively Citi is offering 5% cash back for select online shopping (I believe this would qualify, but I don’t have firsthand experience with this either), so you could register a Citi card and then use it. For example, if you registered the Citi® Double Cash Card (review), you could be earning up to 7% cash back after you paid your bill.

Step 3: access LifeLock through Rakuten

Once you’re registered for Rakuten and know which card you want to use, access the LifeLock page on Rakuten. Look carefully at what the offer shows, since these offers tend to be very limited time.

In order for the purchase to track you’ll want to click “Shop Now” under the area that shows the amount of cash back you’ll earn. This will bring you to the LifeLock website.

Step 4: sign-up for a LifeLock account

The process of signing up for a LifeLock account is easy. Personally I recommend selecting the LifeLock Ultimate Plus membership, which costs $26.99 per month (this earns you the most points).

The process of registering is easy. You’ll need to enter some personal details (including your SSN), though the whole process should take just a few minutes.

This is a key step — when it comes to the billing page, make sure you select the annual billing option, and not the monthly billing option. You only earn points on your first purchase, so you want to be billed the entire amount upfront.

So in this case I’m being charged $296.90.

Step 5: wait for Rakuten rewards to post

About two hours after I signed up for LifeLock, I noticed that my Rakuten account reflected the purchase, showing the 29,690 points that are pending.

Step 6: set a calendar reminder to cancel your LifeLock membership

Rakuten notes that canceling a LifeLock subscription within 60 days of signing up will cause the rewards to be voided. As a result, set a calendar reminder to cancel your subscription more than 60 days after you register.

You should be able to cancel this online under the “Membership & Billing” section, by clicking “Cancel Membership Renewal.” Again, you’ll want to wait before doing so, though.

Bottom line

With Rakuten offering 100% cash back on LifeLock annual subscriptions, this is also an opportunity to pick up Amex points for less than a cent each. The deal gets even better if you can take advantage of the Rakuten new member bonus, or the Chase Offers deal.

Personally this is a price at which I’m happy to speculatively pick up points, though I want to acknowledge the deal isn’t for everyone — there’s always some risk, you only get your points in a few months, and you have to remember to cancel.

But on balance I still found this deal to be worthwhile. I wouldn’t think this is worth the risk if we’re talking about earning an individual airline mileage currency, but transferable points offer so much flexibility that I feel comfortable with this decision.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the Rakuten & LifeLock promotion, or have you in the past?

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