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I’ve gone through training after training at work regarding online security, data breaches, scam emails, etc., etc.. While I understand how tricky it is to protect your online presence and look for all the red-flag phishing scams, I never thought I would be of interest to any type of identity or financial theft.

That wasn’t until my neighbor, Nick, told me he had his identity stolen a couple of months back. He looked exhausted as he walked me through every tedious call he had to make to get his information back.

He called all his banks, filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission, called our local police, and froze his credit. He said he didn’t have access to his own bank account for a few days as he waited for all his new cards and accounts to finalize. I couldn’t even imagine how stressful that must have been.

At this point, I was ready to run back to my house and tell my partner we’re signing up for digital security right now. We’d always thought about getting some sort of security, but it always took the back burner since we never thought it would happen to us.

My partner calmed me down and told me Nick was probably unlucky or wasn’t as careful as we were about card information. Then we went online and discovered that identity fraud happens
every seven seconds in the United States.*

After that fact, we did some digging but were pretty discouraged to find that we would need to have several different companies monitor all aspects of our digital accounts. Then, we found

Aura offered protection for practically everything: identity theft, financial fraud, and device and network protection. They even offered a free Security Risk Assessment which told us if any of our accounts were compromised and how to fix them.

After the Security Risk Assessment, they asked if we wanted to get started with their annual plan with a 60-day money back guarantee.


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We opted for the Ultimate package which offered the most protection for a good price; complete identity protection, financial fraud protection, and their White Glove Resolution which gives us our own case manager who handles everything if we were to be a victim of identity or financial fraud.

Hearing Nick talk about how costly getting his identity stolen was, we figured $30 a month (annual plans only) for the Ultimate package was nothing compared to the alternative and having to restart with all our finances. They also offer promotional offers to save up to 40% and 50%.
Aura’s Identity Theft Insurance also covers up to $1,000,000 for certain eligible losses, so $30 felt reasonable to say the least.

While the monthly fee was the perfect fit for our budget, the thing I started worrying about most was having all my information under Aura. Sure, it was more convenient to have everything in one place, but what if Aura got hacked? That’s all of our information.

I asked the Aura representative if they could guarantee we wouldn’t have any fraud and they said it’s impossible for
any security company to guarantee 100% protection. However, Aura secures all their clients’ information with the same encryption technology that’s used by major banks and even the military.

Aura is able to monitor and alert any credit or financial threats up to 4x faster than certain other competitors and their agents have more than seven years of experience on average. They’ve solved more than 150,000 identity theft cases, plus their customer service agents are available 24 hours a day, each and every day.

My partner and I were blown away by the ease of having most of our online financial accounts protected under one military-grade roof. The peace of mind we felt knowing we had someone available 24/7 monitoring our accounts was something I wish Nick could have had sooner!

Update: The folks at Aura are extending a special offer for our readers! Save up to 50% on an Ultimate protection plan!

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