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(Exclusive) Work for us Wednesday: School Crossing Guards needed

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As kids are getting ready is going to be different this year but there’s still a need.

The west county police department is now that as.

Anyone as.

Plus stepper extended period of time at Average with kelly preston about thirty to fifty dollars a day.

It’s a great opportunity for those that are staying home that aren’t working right now or those people that just need something to give up in the morning came out of their we’ve been cooped up for so long that gives you an opportunity to get out pressure and help those kids get to and from group a.

Now the utah department work for services says other job openings posted within the past we conclude customer representative that university of utah health science banking credit repair dot com the us postal service these people and data entry there are delivery and cdl driver openings that o’reilly auto parts jimmy johnson and republic services retail associate package handlers and warehouse workers production laborer software developers and registered nurses are all in demand of course have all this information as well as specific job openings ways that you can apply and resources to help you build your resume you can go to our website fox thirteen now dot com slash job search we’ve also found crossing our positions available in provo insanity you can check your city if openings as well live in west valley city camera by for new of fox thirteen news utah.

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