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Experts warn a spike in credit card fraud, how to protect your wallet

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- In Indiana… credit card fraud is skyrocketing, which comes after a recent study.

The findings show that in 2020, at least 5,000 reports were filed for identity theft, and of that total, roughly 1,000 were related to credit card fraud.

News 10 spoke with Senior Credit Analyst, Nathan Grant, about the increase in scams.

Grant tells us that during the pandemic many of us are avoiding in-person shopping and switching to purchasing behind the keyboard, leaving us susceptible to scammers.

“You don’t want to be worried like there’s a dark cloud of ‘I’m probably going to get scammed if I shop online right now’ but it’s definitely it’s just a time where with everything else going on you want to think of these things ahead of time and then you’ll be able to conduct your normal shopping habits without having to worry,” said Grant.

Grant tells us it’s important to be proactive before a scammer gets to you. Here are a few red flags you can keep in mind.

  • Use websites with HTTPS in the link, the “s” stands for secure. If it shows up as HTTP, then the site is not secured.
  • Never use public wifi to make transactions. Use your own personal data when purchasing or use your at-home wifi.
  • Never give out personal information unless it’s to someone you trust.

Grant tells us that simple steps like this could prevent trouble down the road.

“That credit card fraud is on the rise, these online transactions are riskier than ever and all it takes is one data breach for your information and potentially the information of millions to become compromised. “

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