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With all the changes in the economy due to the pandemic COVID-19, you may have negative marks on your credit reports such as late payments, credit card balances at or over the limit, or debt in collections, all of which may negatively impact your credit scores.  If you don’t have the time or desire to dispute negative, outdated, erroneous, incomplete information, and other credit report blemishes, you can pay someone else to do the work for you.

One option is working with a credit repair company. These companies act on your behalf by negotiating with your creditors and working with the three credit agencies—Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. While the industry has its share of scams, these ten credit repair companies are worth considering based on effectiveness, cost, customer service, and more:

860 Finances & Credit LLC

860 Finances & Credit LLC founder, Eunice Velez, once had terrible credit due to life circumstances like many American’s today. Eunice created 860 Finances & Credit LLC to empower her Rocky Hill, NC community and has helped many people across the US become creditworthy and achieve their dream purchases.  This result-based credit repair company charges based on results and not time. 860 Finances & Credit LLC not only disputes with the credit bureaus but also with creditors, CFPB, and the BBB. If we can’t delete one way we will try our best another way.  $120 first work fee.

For more information or to enroll visit:

ASAP Financial Solutions, LLC

 The owner of this Las Vegas, NV based credit repair company, Kandy Dugá, has been in her clients shoes before. Her personal experience of overcoming challenges and restoring her own credit led her to create ASAP, a credit repair company providing full transparency to clients.  First work fee is $399.

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Berr Credit Up

This New York based credit repair company promotes an excellent track helping clients repair their credit. Berr Credit Up offers a low first work fee of  $49 and a money back guarantee.

For more information or to enroll visit:

 Better Image Soulutions

 Offers personal touch credit coaching to each and every client and optional virtual/video consultation.  This Plainfield, NJ based credit repair company has a first work fee of $149 with a delayed payment plan available so clients can start today and pay on their next pay day.  Their $99 monthly service fee includes Smart Credit monitoring.  Better Image Soulutions also offers an Affiliate Program.  With a one-time $250 enrollment fee, affiliates receive free credit repair for life with the referral of one new paid client or affiliate each month. For more information or to enroll visit:

BWI Credit Solutions

 Houston, TX based BWI Credit Solutions advertises some of the fastest removal rates in the country. We are able to completely clean a file in as little as 60 days with our compliance sweep program. We only send personalized letters, NEVER a template, and guarentee our work with a money back guarantee. If you are looking for an advanced credit repair system, we are it. The first work fee is $1,500.

For more information or to enroll visit:

 Certified Financial Solutions

The Winston Salem, NC based credit repair company is dedicated, friendly and provides efficient customer service.  They find their success in your success! First work fee is $199.

For more information or to enroll visit:

 The Credit Firm

The Memphis, TN based business, The Credit Firm, offers multiple credit building tools, including a credit education program, even after clients successfully complete their credit repair program by reaching their credit score goals.  Clients also get regular calls from The Credit Firm team to keep you in the loop and on track for success. Low first work fee of $99.

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Tomlinson Financial Consulting, LLC

Tomlinson Financial Consulting, LLC offers a “Fresh Start”  program providing formerly incarcerated and recently released individuals residing in the state of North Carolina free credit repair services for three months.  It’s their way of helping people receive a fresh start after a recent incarceration. The Cary, North Carolina based company has a First Work Fee of $375 with a payment plan available.

More Information Here:

True Dreams Financial

Owner, Dominique Cleveland and her husband, were never taught about credit and finances as teens or young adults. They are self-taught Credit Educators who now employ their credit repair techniques for others in their community to help break generational curses.  True Dream Financial close ties to their Jacksonville, Florida community makes every customer feel like the True Dream Financial team treats clients like family and is not just a number! True Dreams Financial, transforms your mind so you can transform your future! Low First Work Fee of $99.

Enroll Here: 

VAULT Financial Services

VAULT Financial Services, VFS, is a full-service financial institute located in Shreveport, Louisana educating, restoring, protecting and rebuilding each clients financial landscape with the following tools:  Personal/Business Credit, Financial Literacy/Homeowner Classes, Budgeting, Tax Preparation, Consulting, Business Start Up: For Profit and NonProfit.  VFS offers a “Begin Again” Program for the homeless, prison-released, divorced, single-parent, newly employed, elderly with community partnerships and more.  Vault Financial Services is data and result driven with the following approval rates: 94% new credit, 86% new auto loans, 89% home loans,  and 91% refinancing.  Shreveport, Louisiana

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