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Marjorie Mata and Network Marketing as a Platform Towards Business Opportunity

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 8, 2020 / Nowadays, various business models aim to provide income growth to its stakeholders. As businesses depend on sales for income, building a network of partners is crucial in realizing such goals. Network marketing, as a business model, has helped improve people’s lives. As companies like Amway, Avon, Herbalife, to name a few, succeed in this business model, staggering earnings associated with it is not a doubt.

Being an entrepreneur for 12 years in the financial sector, Marjorie Mata, an accountant, financial advisor, and credit repair specialist, has recently earned from 6 figure years into 6 figure months for being part of Legacy10xGroup, a network marketing company. The company provides services such as credit repair services and life insurance.

Working for Legacy10x Group is mostly working from home. Building and trusting on its network of people, the operations are scalable in terms of lead generation and closing the sales. As Marjorie puts it, an average agent makes $10k a month in Legacy10xGroup.

Marjorie, who has been an entrepreneur for years and has witnessed the challenges faced by women in terms of opportunities. As such, she recognized that by joining Legacy10xGroup, they can either do it full-time or just a side hustle but still gain substantial income.

As the company provides credit repair services, they conduct workshops for their members to educate them on the processes involved. By focusing on addressing the risk of obtaining credit and how to get out of debt are very crucial in attaining the balance in finances. Marjorie will be coaching women in managing their debt and using credit wisely.

Life insurance is an investment tool that guarantees a lifetime benefit. In Legacy10xGroup, people can sell and offer life insurance and, in return, enjoy incentives or commissions. With the network of people that Marjorie aims to build and develop, she is reaching out to women and entrepreneurs who are seeking additional income and the goal of attaining financial stability.

A low-key company, Legacy10x Group, is determined to provide the best solutions for its members. One of its advocates, Marjorie Mata, she will continue to spread awareness among its new and current members. As she earns her first six figures month, she is determined to share her journey with anyone eager to do a side hustle.

Legacy10x Group, in its continuous mission to provide substantial income opportunities to its members, has attracted people to shift from their corporate jobs towards network marketing companies as growth is evident year after year.

As network marketing continues to revolutionize business model ideas, it is becoming a trend in the world. Finding success is easy in promoting and selling a product or service. Legacy10x Group is committed to providing such success towards income.

At Legacy10x Group, low-upfront fees are needed upon registration. As Marjorie puts it, their goal is to create more opportunities for the people. By inviting more people who are in search of side hustle, Marjorie is committed to assist passionate and driven individuals towards success.

To know more about the company, visit their website, or contact Marjorie Mata via email or call (571) 267-0638. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to get the latest updates.

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