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Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division Receives 2018 National Security Excellence Award from the Coalition for a Secure Driver

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At the award event in Glen Burnie, Maryland Secretary of Transportation Rahn said “MDOT MVA is serious about keeping the personal information of the millions of Marylanders that we serve safe and secure.”

“We appreciate receiving this recognition of the steps that have been taken to secure Maryland Driver’s Licenses and Identification cards, helping to protect Maryland residents from identity theft and fraud.  We are committed to ensuring the documents our customers entrust to us are protected and the documents that we issue are as secure as possible,” said Administrator Nizer.

The Maryland Driver’s License and Identification card feature multiple layers of security to help prevent identity theft and fraud.

Mr. Zimmer said CSDL presented awards to state agencies and state officials both to recognize state achievements and to raise public awareness that document security and identity protection are very important components of driver’s license issuance and management. He said “Maryland MVD’s team acts in coordination to prevent crime by maintaining high standards in confirming identity claims. We were pleased to present employees throughout the organization with individual certificates including the language of the award, to highlight that people make the difference in identity security awareness as well as in public service.”

Coalition for a Secure Drivers License President, Brian Zimmer, said “Maryland’s Motor Vehicle Administration well deserves CSDL’s 2018 award for “National Security Excellence,” honoring its distinctive crime fighting accomplishments through relentless fraud investigations and conscientious efforts in fraud prevention. Its procedures for vetting driver’s license applicants meet the REAL ID standards and set a stellar example for other states who wish to emulate their identity fraud prevention approach. Maryland’s thorough identity and residency authentication of driver’s license and ID applicants protect state residents from identity fraud, and provide an extra level of security for the many secure federal facilities located in the state.

Mr. Zimmer also said “Maryland’s review and verification process for proof of identity and proof of residency are among the best in the nation. Because of that, the process often reveals fraud perpetrated by identity thieves and traffickers, and Maryland follows through by referring fraudsters to the wheels of Justice.”

Mr. Zimmer noted that there is a very high level of coordination between Maryland’s driver’s license agency and local police, resulting in positive identification of both crime victims and those that perpetrate crimes.  He said “Maryland MVD has been refining its identity fraud prevention and detection skills for a decade, and deserves its national reputation for excellence in confirming people are who they claim to be. This vigilance improves the identity management security of all state agencies, with public safety benefits that go beyond highway safety. The collaborative work with other state agencies and with law enforcement is a model to be emulated by driver’s license agencies in other states. Maryland MVD does not hesitate to cancel driver’s licenses should fraud or identity manipulation be present.”

The language on the award cited the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration in recognition for enhanced security measures that benefit the national security of the United States. The award citation read:

It is with an unwavering commitment to protecting the citizens of this country that the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License hereby recognizes the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration for its decade long enhancements to the security and integrity of the state’s driver credentialing system. It is also recognized for its continuing regional and national coordinative efforts to protect the personal identity information of state residents.

Among the first states to become REAL ID compliant, its security-enhanced driver license and the identity theft preventative measures such as, proof of identity verification, document fraud training and investigations, and physical and logical security improvements within motor vehicle facilities illustrate why it is a national leader in driver license security. 

The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration has also shared its crime prevention expertise with other states, including interstate cooperation to prevent individuals from violating the one driver, one license standard, and to prevent multi-state identity fraud.

About the Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License:
The Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License is a component of Keeping IDentities Safe, a 501 (c) (3) non-partisan, not for profit, crime prevention educational public charity. The CSDL slogan, “Working to protect the identity of every American” embodies our commitment to higher standards for both government and private entities that issue identity credentials. CSDL is a member of the Document Security Alliance and of the American National Standards Institute.

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