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Meet Alex Lim Aka Credit Buddha – How This Travel Hacker Is Changing the Credit Repair World’s Bad Reputation

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In 2018 Alex Lim (@creditbuddha) set out to learn how to leverage credit and improve his own score. Buddha spent thousands of dollars to acquire generic information from so-called “credit gurus” only to be scammed and let down by many courses which offered little to no mentorship.

Buddha found out over time that these credit gurus were also utilizing illegal practices in order to repair credit or boost credit scores which furthered his distaste with the credit repair space, but nonetheless he was determined to master new techniques and change the credit game forever. Buddha knew there was an ethical way to hack the credit system and it didn’t have to involve questionable techniques.

“ There’s a lot of credit repair people out there, especially young entrepreneurs that offer credit repair, but they don’t really know credit repair and they’re not licensed, and that could get you in serious trouble if they’re removing [derogatory credit remarks] for you. They usually file false police reports on your behalf, while forcing credit agencies to remove that remark from your report. Because you’re basically saying it’s not you when it was you. And it basically gets you in huge trouble and will get that person in huge trouble as well”, remarks Buddha.

Fast forward to 2019 and Buddha learned how to master the 6 factors of credit which include things like Credit card utilization, payment history, derogatory marks, age of credit history, late payments, amongst others. He eventually was able to leverage his excellent credit to obtain over 25 credit cards including the prestigious Amex Platinum and Gold cards.

Buddha began teaching students privately and currently has over 300 students that he personally mentors, his expertise being in travel hacking and business funding. To date, his biggest accomplishment includes securing $200k in funding for his clients in less than 6 months by utilizing his techniques. His personal touch is his strongest selling point according to his dozens of testimonials and it’s clear that Buddha doesn’t leave his students hanging unlike many self-proclaimed gurus in the credit space.

One of his students includes former Jabbawockeez dancer Perris Aquino (@Iamperris) who provided insight to just how much Buddha cares about his students. “I like how much he cares about all of his clients, like his customer service is amazing”, exclaimed Aquino.

As for the future Buddha has plenty in store once travel and quarantine restrictions are relaxed or lifted. “We are planning to start adding more services, like including huge packages for hotel passes, PR and content creation to grow your brand, and all this other stuff just to help you grow as a person and as a business. Whatever business you’re in and we’re gonna help you create a bigger brand for yourself so you can make more money that way”, added Buddha.

If there’s one thing that is for certain, Alex Lim lives up to his name as Credit Buddha with a holistic and selfless approach to helping people reach financial

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