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Nametag Platform Verifies Online Identity for Businesses and Consumers with Multi-Factor Identity™ and Advanced Biometrics

Nametag is the new standard that verifies users based on identity, not passwords or easily stolen PII, generating a reusable digital ID

SEATTLE and NEW YORK, Sept. 28. 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nametag, a new platform that verifies online identity for businesses and consumers using Multi-Factor IdentityTM and advanced biometrics, is the next generation of cybersecurity. Nametag empowers individuals with private, reusable identity verification on their phone so that accounts can be accessed, and companies can authenticate customers. Nametag never mines or sells a user’s personal data, and allows the user to decide where, when, and for how long their data is shared with a company.

Nametag is the fast, safe, everywhere ID. Prove your identity with your phone. Use Nametag to sign-in securely and protect your most valuable accounts. (PRNewsfoto/Nametag)

“Privacy online is a broken promise. Our mission is to bring authenticity to the internet and enable people to build more trusted relationships,” said Aaron Painter, the founder of Nametag and the former VP of Microsoft China and CEO of Cloudreach.

Stolen passwords account for over 80% of security breaches with data breaches costing companies $4.24 million on average per incident between May 2020 and March 2021, according to a study by IBM, which is 10 percent over the previous year’s total. And the recently released report U.S. Identity Theft: The Stark Reality by the Insurance Information Institute, found identity theft is on the rise, costing $712.4 billion in 2020, a 42 percent increase from 2019.

Methods to safeguard and maintain crucial information are outdated with dozens of passwords for online accounts haphazardly stored in various locations. Nametag offers the gold standard of account authentication by fully verifying a person’s identity with a combination of government-issued ID and additional highly specific criteria.

Legacy approaches to identity verification focused on onboarding, with businesses verifying an identity once and then allowing a person to use vulnerable credentials for future interactions. Nametag is reusable, giving a user the ability to log in to a wide spectrum of websites or apps across a user’s digital life, and the target site can immediately verify the user’s identity every time they return.

Nametag offers additional benefits, so companies can quickly authenticate their customer accounts with confidence and accelerate customer onboarding and support with premium account protection. Nametag’s no-code platform makes it easy for companies to reduce the risk of fraud loss and increase security by using industry-leading security protocols and APIs that were built by developers, for developers.

The platform utilizes proprietary technology called Multi-Factor Identity that keeps accounts safe, and easy to access and recover by using a unique, privacy-protected, reusable ID. Through this ID, users can quickly and repeatedly access their high-value accounts, such as banking, crypto wallets, gaming, and social media sites.

A key differentiator, Nametag puts privacy first, and allows the user to approve or reject a request from companies that are asking for their data, giving the user full control and transparency over their identity. “We have a privacy policy that can be summed up in ten words: ‘We only share information when you specifically ask us to,”” Painter said.

Nametag has undergone a rigorous testing process in all 50 states and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The Investors
Investors behind Nametag include Glasswing Ventures, a venture capital firm that funds generation-defining businesses harnessing the power of AI and frontier technologies to transform markets and revolutionize industries, and Village Global, a firm that is focused on the strength of trusted networks and funded by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

The Team
Previously, Painter was the CEO of Cloudreach and VP & General Manager at Microsoft China. He held executive and leadership positions with Microsoft over nearly 14 years in France, Brazil, Hong Kong, the UK, and Seattle.

Ross Kinder, CTO, is an experienced engineering leader from the security and identity industry. He was a security researcher with CERT, a Distinguished Engineer and Deputy CTO for Cloud at SecureWorks, and the former co-founder of an SSO and identity provider.

David Adrian, Principal Engineer, is a former co-founder and engineering leader at the enterprise security startup Censys. He also holds a PhD in computer security and applied cryptography.

The rest of the Nametag team is comprised of industry leaders who bring a depth of experience in cybersecurity and enterprise solutions, including engineers, product designers, customer success experts, and business development specialists, among others.

About Nametag
Nametag is the fast, safe, everywhere ID. Through sophisticated, proprietary AI-powered technology, Nametag verifies people and not passwords, creating the next generation of digital security. The app uses multi-factor identity, government ID verification, and biometric recognition to ensure only users have access to their own data. Nametag never stores, sells, or mines a user’s data. By putting privacy first, Nametag gives you — the consumer — control over sharing your personal information, and the power to choose when it’s shared, where it’s shared, and for how long. For more information visit Nametag.



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