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Nevada DMV rolls out new driver’s license design

 Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles has announced an updated design for the state’s driver’s licenses.
Director Julie Butler said the new cards are modern with enhanced security features to help protect against identity theft.
She said DMV will begin issuing the new cards in Las Vegas on Monday and will have all 18 DMV offices issuing them by Sept. 1.
Butler said people shouldn’t go to DMV just to get a new card because their existing cards will remain valid until they expire. She said those cardholders should wait until they need a renewal, a duplicate card or a change of address.
The new cards will be sent to licensees by mail as is currently done.
New security features include the fact that cards issued to minors will be printed vertically instead of horizontally. Cards issued to minors also list when the person turns 18 and the date of birth in large letters.
Security features include a ghost photo of the cardholder and a laser engraving of the holder’s initials and birth year plus a restated date of birth that has a raised feel.
Real ID cards have an outline of the state of Nevada with a star cut out. Non-Real ID cards clearly state in the upper corner that the card is not Real ID compliant and Driver Authorization cards state that the card isn’t valid proof of ID.
The background of all cards features a security design with waves and patterns printed in very fine lines that can’t be scanned or easily reproduced. The cards also have high-resolution printing with background colors that fade from blue to green and back again on the face of the card.
Butler said the new cards were designed in concert with state law enforcement and meet all federal and state requirements.

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