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New Book “The Not So Secret Guide To Boost Your Credit Score” Shows Simple Strategies That Can Increase Credit Score

The way credit scores operate can be confusing and quite frustrating to many people outside the financial sector. For people who have a poor rating, this can slow down their efforts towards gaining financial freedom due to a lack of knowledge and transparency from the top three credit bureaus. Fortunately, Realtor, Credit Expert and Author Varney Jallah is shining light on the issue by unpacking questions big and small in his new book, “The Not So Secret Guide To Boost Your Credit Score.” With an estimated 77 million people in America in need of Credit Repair assistance, the book is as timely as it is informative.

“The majority of the population simply doesn’t understand how credit scores work, yet those three numbers impact us all immensely.” said Jallah about his new book. “I help educate individuals on the process and then deliver strategies that I have found really valuable in repairing credit. My book is designed to increase one’s quality of life by outlining simple steps that will help eliminate the barriers that exist with a poor credit score.”

According to “The Not So Secret Guide To Boost Your Credit Score”, the emphasis of the book is on being easy-to-follow and actionable, keeping out difficult jargon and complicated   methods. The simple is effective and when followed the score can be raised relatively quick in most cases.

Jallah walks readers through the entire credit score system including:

  • How credit reporting works
  • How to view your credit score for free
  • How to negotiate with debt collectors
  • How to boost your score to qualify for mortgages, car loans, etc.

The early reviews of the book, which is available on in a paperback edition, have been extremely positive.

M. Watson, recently said in a five-star review, “Varney is on top of his game. He’s going to get my family to a place of financial stability.”

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About Varney Jallah

Varney Jallah is a Husband, Father, Realtor, Credit Repair Expert and Author… in his work outside of being an author he focuses on Total Structured Solutions, helping individuals qualify for mortgage, car loans and more.

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