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New cybersecurity order issued for US pipeline operators

The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday announced new requirements for U.S. pipeline operators to bolster cybersecurity following a May ransomware attack that disrupted gas delivery across the East Coast.

DHS said it would require operators of federally designated critical pipelines to implement “specific mitigation measures” to prevent ransomware attacks and other cyber intrusions. Operators must also implement contingency plans and conduct what the department calls a “cybersecurity architecture design review.”

It’s the latest response by the Biden administration to a series of ransomware attacks hitting critical U.S. infrastructure, including the May attack on Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline.

Colonial paid an estimated $4.4 million ransom, most of which was recovered by the Justice Department. The FBI has blamed the attack on a Russia-based gang of hackers.

Russia has broadly denied being involved in cyberattacks of U.S. institutions.

Russian hacker Levashov sentenced to time already served

A Russian hacker known internationally as the “bot master” was sentenced Tuesday to the 33 months he has already served in custody on federal charges he operated a network of devices used to steal computer credentials, distribute spam and install malicious software.

Peter Levashov, 40, pleaded guilty in 2018 to causing intentional damage to a protected computer, conspiracy, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. Prosecutors said he operated several networks of hijacked computers, known as botnets, that were capable of pumping out billions of spam emails.

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