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Planning on Being a Successful Gamer? Now is The Time to Protect Your Digital Assets With Pridwen

SHERIDAN, Wyo., Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s world, it’s becoming more and more critical to secure your digital assets. For gamers, this is even more important since digital assets like gamer-tags are important for generating income. As gamers build their gaming identities, it’s important that they take proactive steps to secure the one asset that gets them recognition–their gamer-tag.

Pridwen, the first digital asset management and storage company for gamers, offers gamers first of its kind protection over their digital assets. In light of the recent Digital Assets-Existing Law (SF025)  passed in Wyoming, Pridwen’s Edward Kim, CEO/ CTO, and Dylan Todd, VP of Product, are leading the charge in gamer identity protection.

You might be wondering why you should care about digital asset laws. In a recent study commissioned by Pridwen, 52% of gamers plan to make money in some way from their gaming, whether that’s by streaming their games, playing in E-Sports championships, or some other activity. But to make money, you need to be recognized, which in turn makes your gamer-tag of primary importance.

Pridwen’s research revealed that 50% of gamers have seen another gamer with a similar gamer-tag to their own, highlighting the prevalence of a gamer identity problem. By now most consumers are well aware of identity theft when it comes to normal everyday financial accounts. What gamers have not realized is that “identity theft” of digital assets like their gamer-tag can be just as financially problematic.

Theft of gamer-tags can lead to missed financial opportunities. For example, sponsorship opportunities can easily go to someone else claiming a gamer-tag instead of the rightful owner of the gamer-tag. But even more importantly, gaming is quickly becoming the new frontier of financial gain and investment. Social platforms have increased the number of ways gamers can get paid to stream, high schools are investing to create E-sports teams and scholarships are being used to support up-and-coming gamers in the growing sport. As the financial opportunities in E-sports and streaming grow, gamers will want to ensure their digital assets stay protected.

Pridwen is the first to offer the kind of protection that gamers need over their digital assets–and Pridwen makes the process simple. Pridwen will help you open a secure account, authenticate and verify ownership of your tag, and will protect your digital asset from fraud or misuse. Pridwen offers various levels of protection packages and offers verification badges so other companies and services know that your gamer-tag is Pridwen-Protected.

Now is the time to join this burgeoning digital asset movement. Learn more about the importance of gamer-tag security and how Pridwen helps gamers protect their digital assets by visiting today.

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