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Shred sensitive documents at FOX10 Shred Event this weekend | Alabama

New IdentityTheft Scam

Once again, FOX10 News is teaming up with Gilmore Services to protect your identity. Saturday May 1st you can bring your personal documents to the FOX10 studios to be shredded.

Vulnerable To Theft

Bank statements, loan documents, insurance paperwork, medical bills… These all contain your personal information and opportunity for thieves.

Gilmore Services General Manager, Whitney Lucas, told us, “Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our country. The statistics from 2020 over 2019 it more than doubled. That’s 1.3 million cases of identity theft and outside of direct phishing scams gathering your personal information off of documents that should be secured is the number two way that these thieves are getting your information. “

Shred This Saturday

FOX10 News is teaming up again with Gilmore services to shred that paperwork. So, gather two boxes of your most sensitive documents and head to our studios on Saturday May the 1st from 7am to 11am. All you have to do, is pull up and pop your trunk, or your hatch. Your papers will be dumped in a bin and then immediately shredded.

“We’ve got a grinder that is actually in the truck, an industrial shredder and it will shred the paper so that no one is going to be able get your personal information off of your bank statements, your medical bills, your tax documents, things of that nature,“ Lucas said. “Anything with your name on it is what we want to help you get rid of. “

Gilmore Services tells us that staples and paperclips are fine, but documents should be removed from any bigger clips or binders.

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