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St. Louis nonprofit Grind + Growth opens co-working space

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ST. LOUIS — Grind + Growth, a St. Louis nonprofit focused on boosting minority business ownership and financial literacy, has launched a new co-working space in the city’s Tower Grove South neighborhood.

The nonprofit on Tuesday opened its co-working and business incubator at 3801 Connecticut St. Founded in 2019, Grind + Growth aims to minimize income inequality and spur economic development by providing resources and programs to boost minority entrepreneurship and financial skills.

Grind + Growth Executive Director Valerie V. Liddell said she hopes the new co-working space becomes a business hub for underserved and minority entrepreneurs, offering a “one-stop” facility with resources and tools to learn about how to launch and manage a business.

“The idea of the co-working space came from just trying to provide a space safe. A place where they come to and get all of their business needs met in one place instead of going to this side of town or that side of town. I noticed, as an entrepreneur myself, it was very difficult to access those resources, whether it be a lack of transportation or just a lack of knowledge,” Liddell said.

The nonprofit plans to provide free business classes and financial literacy training in the new space, as well as access to micro loans, credit repair services and a notary.  

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