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This is how you avoid falling into fraud when you apply for a loan

New IdentityTheft Scam

The Condusef published the list of 11 financial institutions that were impersonated.

See how criminals operate to commit fraud when applying for a loan.

Learn about the ways you can protect yourself to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) reported on the identity theft of 11 financial institutions, which committed fraud against users who applied for a loan.
In recent weeks, 10 Multiple Purpose Financial Companies, Non-Regulated Entities (Sofom, ENR) and a Popular Financial Company (Sofipo), duly registered in the Financial Service Providers Registry System (SIPRES) denounced the impersonation of their name commercial and even some of your fiscal or administrative data.
The affected companies are: Finadix, Tótem Prestamos, Tu Kapital en Evolución, Sotiderc, Alcana Capital, Financiera Maestra, HINV, GRT Achievements, Soluciones Múltiples Empresariales, Valia Servicios Financieros and Sociedad de Alternativas Económica.

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A person contacts them by phone or through social networks offering them immediate credits, with few requirements and with small monthly payments to make them attractive.
They use information such as the company name, addresses, telephone numbers and logos of duly authorized and registered financial entities, to impersonate them.
They ask their victims to send their personal information via WhatsApp or Facebook through Messenger, putting their personal data at risk.
They ask for advances of money in cash or by deposit to a bank account with the supposed purpose of setting aside the credit, managing it, advancing monthly payments, paying opening expenses or as a guarantee guarantee, generally for the equivalent of 10% of the total amount of the requested credit , which can be from one thousand to one hundred thousand pesos.
When victims make deposits to the indicated account, they do not receive the credit and it is impossible to locate the promoters. It is when they discover that they have been victims of fraud.

To avoid being a victim of fraud when applying for a loan, Condusef recommends:
Avoid contracting loans or credits in which you have to make advances for any concept.
Make sure that the Financial Institution is registered in SIPRES, on its website.
Do not deposit money before granting a loan, either for insurance, commission or credit management.
Do not hand over personal documents or credit or debit card details.
Do not give information or carry out operations through Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social network.
Do not sign any document before reading it completely and in detail.
If you use the Internet as a means of contact, make sure to verify the information, as well as that the website is a secure page that uses a security protocol, you identify them when they begin with https: //, and that it effectively corresponds to the financial institution you want to contact.

Check the Financial Fraud Portal.
You can also contact the Condusef at the Remote Media Contact and Service Center telephone number 55 53 400 999, or visit their website.

Always remember to verify the institution’s data before any financial services hiring, don’t risk your assets.

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