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Achieving an excellent credit score is just as important as building a good reputation in today’s rapidly changing economy. But what’s in a number anyway? There’s a lot of things at stake. A favorable credit rating reflects a person’s ability to pay the credit back, bringing that person more freedom to obtain a life he wants. United Score, a credit repair company, helps people achieve the lifestyle they dream of. 

United Score is a customer-focused, results-oriented company that applies an effective combination of practical skills and knowledge in credit restoration. The organization focuses on developing relationships and earning the trust of its clientele through its innovative credit score solutions. United Score prides itself on its ongoing 100% client satisfaction rating. This position keeps them at the top of their game in the industry. It motivates the company to grow and learn new ways to enhance its services. United Score aims to become a one-stop shop, dealing with anything related to credit scores.

The company employs client-centric strategies and methods that are only used by 3% of other companies in the same field. Such a process analyzes the credit report of the clients to identify any negative items hurting their scores. Then the team of credit experts builds a custom game plan specifically tailored to address each client’s distinct needs. 

United Score understands that their clients need them to be that reliable partner. The company strives to place each client in a position where they can reach their financial goals with ease and help them achieve the desires they think were unobtainable. 

United Score is founded by Abrianne Dillard, a native of the south side of Chicago, who recognizes the weight of the company’s role to its clients. “It is our responsibility to educate our clients as they are all looking for guidance with credit repair and what exactly they can do once their credit is repaired,” said Abrianne. Thus, her company is hands-on with their financial education system and guides each client every step of the way.

The founder herself was once in a tight situation with his finances. She experienced having her credit score drop below the 500-mark. It took her two years before she pulled himself together and decided that having her credit repaired was the only way to get her life back on track. After quite some time of trial and error, she managed to increase her credit score and wanted the same thing to happen with her family and friends as well. With great determination, Abrianne educated those she knew first. Today, her efforts turned into a full-blown credit repair company.

Whether a client wants to purchase a house, a car, or to build a business, every goal has one thing in common: a good credit score. “This is what we strive to offer. Great credit, great education, and a great life,” the founder said. With its unique strategies, United Score will genuinely change thousands of lives and dominate the industry. Abrianne said that there is no point in waiting for a better time. The credit expert said, “Now is the perfect time to get your life on track.”

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