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What To Do If Your Car Is Broken Into | Smart Change: Personal Finance

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Here’s a scenario: After parking at a shopping plaza, you click your car’s key FOB and go about your business, only to find your car was broken into and your personal belongings were stolen. Car break-ins are a common property crime and accounted for 27% of all larceny theft in the United States in 2019, according to the most recent uniform crime report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

If your car is broken into and your personal items (such as a laptop) are stolen, you might need to tap into different insurance policies to pay for car repair and reimbursement for your belongings. Here’s what to do when your car is broken into.

Check Your Immediate Surroundings

If you discover your car was broken into, your first priority is your safety. If you do not feel safe, leave the area and find a safe place to call for help.

Document the Scene

If the area is safe, you’ll want to document the scene. Take pictures of the damage to your car and the immediate area. Get pictures of all four sides of your car, as well as close up pictures of any visible damage such as broken windows or door damage from forcible entry.

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