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What will employees wear in the post-pandemic office?

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As the global pandemic kept people out of the office—and mostly in their homes—pajamas and athleisure wear have become the new slacks and button-downs. The question is, as vaccination rates rise and people start trickling back into work, will they be willing to part with their sweatpants? 

The short answer: yes and no, according to a new feature from Inc

Jeff Galak, associate professor of marketing at Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business, says there are two likely outcomes: One, some companies will keep the momentum of casual wear going and a new normal will be born. Two, there might be a strong desire to return to pre-pandemic “normal.” As much as sweatpants and T-shirts might be wonderful when working from home, he notes that returning to more business casual or even traditional office wear—remember suits and skirts?—might be a psychological reminder that we’re moving past the pandemic.

“What is likely to happen is that companies will diverge in this regard and this will prove to be another differentiator across firms and industries,” Galak says. “Some will long for a return to the old normal and some will forge a new normal.”  

For Vanessa Perry, owner and CEO of Impeccable Credit Services, a credit repair company in Houston, professional attire is a necessity. All employees at her firm must dress professionally, meaning no jeans and no sneakers, save for the occasional summer Friday.  

Other company leaders are fine with changing dress codes and say it helps lower employee anxiety about returning to the office. Read the full story.  

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