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Winning with Good Defense

As football season gets into full swing, fans across the Upstate are rooting for their favorite teams. It’s always fun to watch our teams score lots of points on offense, but as legendary coach Bear Bryant said, “Defense wins championships.”

The same is true for your financial planning. While growing wealth is crucial to financial well-being, defending those assets is equally important. Financial defense can take the form of risk management in your portfolio, tax strategy, estate planning and protecting your digital footprint. The latter often overlooked.  Rob DeHollander, LPL financial planner at DeHollander Financial Group, says protecting your identity is increasingly crucial. He suggests three simple steps to protect against identity theft.


  1. Implement credit monitoring. Like putting an alarm system on your house, credit monitoring does not fix the damage caused by identity theft, but it lets you know there has been an attempt, allowing you to take action sooner. Monitor your financial accounts regularly and look for suspicious or fraudulent activity.
  2. Establish a credit freeze. This is similar to putting locks on all your doors and windows. It prevents anyone from “getting in” or setting up credit in your name (including yourself if you to open a credit card at the register of your favorite store).
  3. Access FTC resources. If you do find yourself the unfortunate victim of identity theft, visit to get important information on setting up a recovery plan.

How about you? Is your financial offense and your financial defense working as a team? A certified financial planner can help prepare strategy to help you build and work towards your financial goals.  The DeHollander Financial Group has over 20 years’ experience helping individuals and businesses in the Upstate.

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