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You Can Now Send People Gifts on Amazon Without Knowing Their Address | Personal Finance

Next time you want to send a present to someone whose address you don’t have, you might not have to sneakily ask their roommates for help. Amazon announced a new feature Monday that will allow Amazon Prime members to buy gifts for other people with only a phone number or email address.

Here’s how it works: Prime members will be able to browse millions of products that are available to gift on Amazon’s shopping app, select the option to add a gift receipt for returns and — when they check out — choose to let the recipient provide their own shipping address. The recipient will then get a message via email or text asking if they want to accept the gift and provide their own delivery address from their own Amazon account.

Recipients can also opt to swap the item(s) for an Amazon gift card and purchase something else without letting the giver know.

The feature will start to roll out on mobile devices Monday for U.S. members with an Amazon Prime account, which is an estimated 153 million users.

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